Digital Marketing

What is Digital marketing ?

Promoting your brand digitally is the main task of digital marketing. It ensures your brand presence in every digital medium. Digital marketing is growing faster than any other industry and it have huge scope in Azamgarh as well as in India

What people are doing in digital marketing in Azamgarh?

Are they following the standard of digital marketing?

Are there just doing the Posting job ?

We know creating presence in digital medium is a part of digital marketing, but it doesn't end here, if you ever had given a project to a Azamgarh based company then you will have that understanding, what they do, and you got the Idea that digital marketing has not values for businesses.
I am not saying that everyone, every company in Azamgarh do nothing but most of them know nothing, they just create account and post. Though these will bring some benefit to some people but not for all. I am doing digital marketing for last 6 years and have done project from USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.
I have the proper idea, knowledge and experience of what need to do for your business.
Let me clear one thing in beginning is that digital marketing is not 3 month task , it is a long term task , if you don't think of long-term then you don't come in the digital marketing because it will be a gambling and most of the time it has bad impact than goods in website trustworthiness, gets Google penalty for unethical promotion.
But I can assure you if you do the digital marketing for longer period at least for a year then you will have the benefit in your bored.
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We do the following things Digital Marketing

  • Digital branding
  • Search Engine Optimisation - SEO
  • Social media Optimisation
  • Google Ads.
  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook at Instagram Ads
  • Video and YouTube marketing
  • Email marketing content marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google tag manager
  • Create custom report in every month
  • Gradually increment improvement report

Shahzad Digital Payment

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