What AePS Do?

AePS is the safest form of Banking because it uses biometric verification.

Shahzad Digital Payment intends to provide AePS service across the Villages of Uttar Pradesh and suburb of Azamgarh. Shahzad Digital Payment has the best commission structure among AePS service in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Our high commission in lower value transaction enables our Retailer to earn more money than Other Companies Retailers. We provide all types of training and Knowledge support to our retailers to run business easily.

We as a Support Team always next to Our Retailers, Distributors and Partners.

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What is AePS ?

AePS is an Newly Introduce payment Solution of NPCI Or “ National Payments Corporation of India” to banks and Other financial institutions of India using 'Aadhaar'. AEPS stands for 'Aadhaar Enabled Payment System'


We are AePS Service Provider

AePS is a bank Control model which allows online interoperable financial inclusion transaction at Point of Sale Counter or a Mini ATM Counter or the Business Associate of any bank using the Aadhaar authentication.

AePS service for Earning

Every Indian can be an AePS service provider. It has huge employment opportunities for rural people. A person can earn a minimum of rupees 500 daily through AePS Services. Because this device is very small, people can carry it easily and become a mobile bank. A small businessman, A small shop owner can keep it in his or her shop and increase their daily earning.

Shahzad Digital Payment

The minimum requirement to be an AePS service provider is

  • Smartphone with OTG support or a laptop or a computer,
  • A fingerprint scanner
  • An OTG cable for mobile use and
  • An AePS Id.
  • Shop within a Market or in Locality is an extra facility

AePS is creating huge opportunity and hopes among Indian, who are looking for employment as well as who are looking for easy and nearby banking facility. Not only India, AePS Creates Huge interest in Azamgarh, we all know; now every people in India have at least a bank account, and because of the busy schedule and huge rush in banks people are losing their valuable time either in the bank or reaching the bank. AePS brings all the Banking Facility within their reach, so People are happy to take the services from any mini Bank. When people are getting all the banking facility within their nearby shop or a nearby AePS Service provider they will happily accept that vendor and will do their banking transaction, it will increase the earning opportunities to all the AePS retailers and distributors.